It’s been nearly a week since ENO went officially live, and I think it’s going pretty well!

My involvement as Editor so far, has mainly been supporting the 14 journalists as they write their eco articles; many of whom knew very little about environmental issues before this experience. I have to admit, I wasn’t an expert either. The results have been good however. Our top stories this week are:

Yesterday’s task was to assign a specific story to every one of the journalists. So 14 new stories should be on their way very soon! I’m hoping to contribute to the site too.

This week the journalists have been split into groups and have been set the task of getting 4 guests to come and contribute to our environmental debate podcasts. On Monday, the guests will be interviewed about a number of environmental issues. The recordings will then be available to listen to on ENO, bringing a new audio element to the site. Personally, I’m excited, I think it should be a fun way of producing content for the website. I’ve invited a few people myself, so we’ll see who can make it.

Please check out the news site at, and look out for those podcasts on Monday!