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The site is now live.

See it here.

At the moment, you can read introductions to each of our correspondents, who are preparing to publish their first news article online. All this week, they have been blogging about their ideas and progress for an original news article about their chosen topic. There are some good ideas so far:

  • Emma is researching freeganism. 
  • Alice is looking at eco-friendly housing and alternatives to plastic bags.
  • Stephanie‘s potential article is ‘Agro products and produce, and what we can do to help.’

Check the website on Monday when all the articles should be finished and published.


Did you see the Channel 4 Cutting Edge programme ‘My Street’ last night? It was a simple idea but which was made into a wonderful documentary about hidden lives and the lack of interaction between people who live on the same street. It inspired me to think about ways that we could encourage ‘community action’ as part of ENO. I signed up to be part of ‘Earth Hour’; a WWF event on March 29th when people around the world will turn off their lights at 8pm to raise climate change awareness.

I want to arrange an ‘Earth Hour’ for my little street in the West Midlands, as part of ENO or as a blog experiment. I would ask everyone who is interested to turn off not just their lights, but their TV’s and computers and arrange either a street activity or get them to organise their own activities. Then, I could document what they all chose to do for that one hour.

If it worked, I think it would provide a great opportunity for video, and also highlight the changes we can all make for the environment.

So let me know what you think. Good idea?


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