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Environmental activists around the globe were united in action for Fossil Fools Day 2008 yesterday.

The action day on April 1st was coordinated by The Energy Action Coalition, Rainforest Action Network and many other eco-groups to stand in opposition to ‘dirty energy’ and show support for climate justice.

The event, which is in its third year, was supported by environmental campaign groups across the world including Greenpeace, the Student Environmental Action Coalition and the World Development Movement.

Rising Tide, an international network of groups and individuals confronting the root causes of climate change was amongst the organisations helping to organise the event.

Monica Vaughan from Rising Tide North America said, “The world really stepped up to stand against the dirty energy industry.

Yesterday, communities around the world took creative and appropriate action at targeting the fossil fools in their communities; calling out the fossil fuel industry for their socially unjust climate crimes and demanding the immediate halt of the development of any new fossil fuel infrastructure.” 

Image credit: Chad_Norman


Why Fossil Fools Day?

The message from Rising Tide on Fossil Fools Day was, “We need to extracting and burning fossil fuels.”

Monica Vaughan explained, “The target on the fossil fuel industry is due to their runaway greenhouse gas emissions in the face of catastrophic climate change.

Our generation, in particular, is faced with the threat of massive species extinction across the planet, as well as detrimental impacts to many communities around the world.

Meanwhile the industries, as well as most governments, promote false solutions such as techno-fixes and market-based solutions that only distract from the truth.”

Fossil Fools in the UK

In the UK, London WDM protested against a new coal power station in Kingsnorth which is being considered by the Government. Dressed as jesters and in Gordon Brown masks, they burnt a mock Climate Change Bill in Parliament Square.

Other action included an open-cast coal mine in Wales being closed down by protestors. Forecourts at petrol stations in Plymouth and Southampton were taken over by activists and banners were erected at traffic islands and on motorways.

Other organisations targeted were Porsche, the Royal Bank of Scotland and E-On.

American protests

In New York, protestors dressed as ‘Billionaires for dirty energy’ blockaded the main entrance to Citibank by chaining themselves to the front doors. They were campaigning against the bank’s finance links with the coal industry.

The Bank of America was also targeted for its funding of coal and energy companies who contribute massively to climate change. Activists blockaded the entrance to a Boston branch of the bank.

Construction of a coal-fired power plant was halted in North Carolina when protesters chained themselves to bulldozers. 

Image Credit: Chad_Norman

Australia’s activists

In Australia, a group of activists protested by attempting to buy from a supermarket with coal to ‘cut out the middle man’.  They held up a banner which read, “How does buying stuff fuel climate change?”

The ‘Foolie’ awards

In addition to the large number of protests around the world for Fossil Fools Day, Energy Action Coalition, Co-op America and Rainforest Action Network organised the ‘Foolies’, the Fossil Fool Awards 2008.

The awards were to recognise and expose the people most responsible for the development of the dirty energy industry.

Voted as Fossil Fool of the year was CEO of the Bank of America, Ken Lewis for his corporation’s ‘massive support for dirty coal’

To see the full list of Foolies, click here.


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